I need help.

Normally when I talk about my sister, it’s usually funny things she says or does, but I’m going to say something on a serious note.

My little sister is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But she’s failing several classes in school and she’s got this threat hanging over her head that if she doesn’t work it out, she’ll have to transfer to alternative school (which around here, means you’re stuck in a classroom with kids who are into alcohol and drugs and have “bad news” written all over them).

I don’t want that to happen to my sister. I’m not okay with that happening.

How can I help her get her grades back up? I know she’s smart enough to do it, but how do I push her to succeed so she doesn’t end up in a place that will just make the problem worse (as well as add more problems)?

UPDATE: HOLY COW RESPONSES. Thank you, everyone, I appreciate knowing that there’s people out there who know how to turn this situation around. Thank you.