Tumblr’s Lost and Found

Guys. So sourcing on Tumblr (well, on the internet in general, but for now, let’s stick with one platform) is unfortunately a common problem. A lot of people either repost images and don’t credit the person who actually created the image/link/thing, or they pull images from WeHeartIt (which rarely if ever sources their images. WeHeartIt’s existence drives me up the wall) or from Google Search.

It’s about damn time we give credit where credit is due to some amazing artists. But that’s not easy. Google Image Search can sometimes reap good results if you dig deep enough, but that’s not always successful for reasons unknown.

I propose that a tag be created almost as an image lost and found - an image that needs proper crediting can be reblogged with that tag attached and anyone looking on that tag who’s got time and willingness to search it out (or they happen to know who made it - people like those are godsends) can find it, inform the person who posted it, and proper credit can be given.

Obviously, this is just an idea and it’s not going to make all sourcing problems go away, but it’s worth a shot, right? Who doesn’t love playing detective, especially when it restores credit to the talented artists of the Internet?

Karp and Tumblr staff, what do you say?